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Shaping eyebrows....?

i started shaping my eyebrows at the age of 12 and now 15 i heard it's haram... is this true?Shaping eyebrows....?
Reducing the eyebrows by cutting them


Praise be to Allaah.

We will quote for you the fatwas issued by the scholars concerning the ruling on removing hair from the eyebrows and hair from the rest of the body.

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “If removing hair from the eyebrows is done by plucking, this is namas (plucking the eyebrows) and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed the naamisah (the woman who plucks eyebrows) and the mutanammisah (the woman who has her eyebrows plucked). This is a major sin, and women are singled out in this ruling because they are the ones who usually do this, for the purpose of beautification, but if a man were to do it he would also be cursed, just as a woman is cursed for doing this, Allaah forbid.

If hair is removed from the eyebrows by a method other than plucking, such as by cutting or shaving, some of the scholars regard this as being the same as plucking, because it is changing the creation of Allaah, so there is no difference between plucking, cutting or shaving. This is undoubtedly more on the safe side, so a person must avoid that, whether man or woman.”

(Quoted from Fataawa ‘Ulama’ al-Balad al-Haraam, p. 577)

The following question was mentioned in Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah (5/196):

A young woman has very thick eyebrows that make her look bad. This girl was forced to shave part of the area between the eyebrows and to reduce the rest so that she will look acceptable to her husband.

The Committee replied:

“It is not permissible to shave the eyebrows or reduce then, because that is the namas (plucking) for which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed the one who does it and the one who asks for it to be done. What you must do is repent and pray for forgiveness for what you have done in the past, and beware of that in the future.

Another question (5/195) was put to the Committee:

Namas means removing some of the hair of the eyebrows, and is not permitted, because the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed the woman who plucks her eyebrows and the one who has that done, but it is permissible for a woman to remove a beard or moustache, if one grows, or hair from her legs or arms.”

The hadeeth which says that the woman who plucks the eyebrows or who has that done is cursed was narrated by al-Bukhaari (4886) and Muslim (2125), from the hadeeth of ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood (may Allaah be pleased with him).

The point is that it is haraam to remove any hair from the eyebrows, whether all the hair is removed by shaving, or some of it is removed by cutting. Anything apart from that is permissible, such as removing hair from the arms and legs, and the area between the eyebrows. The following appeared in Fataawa al-Lajnah (5/197):

Question: What is the ruling on plucking the hair between the eyebrows?

Answer: It is permissible to pluck it, because it is not part of the eyebrows.

And Allaah knows best.

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assalamo alaykom sis :)Shaping eyebrows....?
Shaping eyebrows is just a part of good grooming and therefore it is not haram. Men shave, men cut their hair, women cut their hair, eyebrows are not any different. It is a part of taking care of yourself.

Allah said take care of yourself. Some people will tell you just about everything is haram. These are the same people who will also tell you listening to music and looking at a picture is haram, but they have no trouble watching a movie or a video or a cartoon and getting on the internet. Do not listen to those extremist. So long as you do good deeds and have a good heart, this is all that matters. I am just waiting for the day that they will tell you getting on the internet is haram.
It's haram to 'shape' the eyebrows, but if you're just tidying them up, without 'shaping' them i.e making them really thin and curved - that is forbidden. But if you have a monobrow and loads of stray hairs then it's allowable for you to clean and tidy them up Inshallah.
Assalaamu alaikkum,

Yes sis, it is forbidden, prophet(s.a.w) has cursed both the people who shapes the eyebrows and the one who shapes it for other people. Since you were unaware of it, please repent to Allah, and from here on do not do it, Insha allah.
Yes it is haraam. Allah (SWT) has cursed the women who pluck their eyebrows. Assalaamualaykum.
This is absolutely TRUE.
Yes Allah SWT curses the women that pluck there eyebrows

xx Umm Dhi'bun
Yes Haram. And it also looks bad.
Sweetie.. Do what makes you feel happy. If you like to shape your eyebrows and you're not hurting anyone else then do what makes you happy. I shape %26amp; pluck my eyebrows all of time and I will not have religion say it's a sin.
Yes - just another of their ridiculous ';rules'; - but never mind - it's only 2009.......
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  • Shaping eyebrows!?

    how do you shape your eyebrows?Shaping eyebrows!?
    I was affraid to do it myself, so I went to a spa....don't want to rip out more than you have to.Shaping eyebrows!?
    let a pro do it the first time,then you will have a idea of how u can do it yourself
    theirs this kit u can buy that has brow stencils,so u can choose a style and pluck them correctly...try sephora stores =]
    i've plucked before but that hurts it makes them puffy and red for a day... so i shave but the bad thing is... ive been doing that for awhile, and i wasn't really good at it. but then when i got use to it i noticed from shaving them there is some hair that doesnt want to grow back so my eyebrows will be really thin forever
    just go with your natural arch. that always seems to be the best way. i also recommend going to a professional salon for the first time (they always know what there doing) have them waxed and then just keep up with it. some women have to pluck/shave ever other day others just once or twice a mouth. good luck! and keep it natural
    Pluck them in a certain way...pluck them to the shape you want
    Go to a salon that does eyebrow waxing. Tell your stylist what you want (stay with natural arch, thinner in the middle, etc) and get them waxed. Once they're done, it's much easier to tweeze every couple of days to keep the strays away. I get mine waxed about 3 times a year or so.

    Shaping eyebrows? (new picture)?

    should i? what shape?

    sorry for the really scary photo LOL...

    http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i98/ai鈥?/a>Shaping eyebrows? (new picture)?
    arch them... get them threaded!.. it works wonders, it started in india and it is amazing!!Shaping eyebrows? (new picture)?
    Yes, definitely, they need shaped. From the way you word your question, it seems as if you're new to this. I would really recommend a professional doing it the first time. You can get a professional eyebrow wax or eyebrow tweezing for very little, like $25. It's almost impossible to tell you what shape you should tweeze in because 1. it's hard to describe in writing and 2. we can't see your whole face so we don't know what would suit your face shape. But a professional will be able to determine what would suit your face shape best. Then, once your eyebrows are shaped, all you need to do is maintain! You'll have firsthand experience from seeing it yourself as to what the shape should look like, and you can tweeze stray eyebrow hairs as the grow in, rather than having to do a full massive eyebrow overhaul like you clearly need now. I wish I could be more help but a professional should do it the first time and it's impossible to describe in writing for you and without knowing your entire face shape.
    Yes you should get them shape up. When a lady gets her eyes done it really brings out her figures. I think you should think about something like this look or just type in the google search eyebrow shaping and look for something. But here's a video with some types:

    Here's some pic's with cute shapes u should be able to find something u like here:


    Good Luck
    go to a salon where u can get a customized eyebrow wax for the shape of ur face if u live in the U.S. go to ulta it's only $15 any where else it's $20-25 and up regardless where u choose to go it's worth it .It will completely change ur look
    look at this photo


    pluck all the hair from the blue line down

    and same on other brow
    Go to a hairdresses, babe, they can help you :)
    god what is that ???? its horrible
    needs moar face pic.

    Eyebrow thickness and shape?

    I went to get my eyebrows waxed and didn't know it but when i got up it was like pencil thin almost. Then she proceeded to tell me she did that so it could regrow back straight and regular... this infuriated me of course but i got over it. Now i am thinking how thick and what shape should it take is it based on face measurements? Or rather preferences because this just doesn't look right to me. :( Either that or i am just not use to it?Eyebrow thickness and shape?
    Check out some magazines. See what shape you like best and take notice to the shape of the face that they are on. When they grow back, take the magazine with you so you can show that person exactly how you want them. No matter if that person said it was done to make them grow out straight or what, they are YOUR eyebrows and YOU should be the one to decide how they are done. Good luck!Eyebrow thickness and shape?
    Okay..well..the shape of the eyebrow:

    Look straight ahead into a mirror. Where your pupil is should be the straight below the arch of your brow.

    The end of your brow should be with the end of your eye.

    The other end should be the with the other end of your eye (including the little part afterwords)

    Thickness whys..it should be thinner after the arch then before it, but not too much. Usually it gets thinner as it goes down. The beginning of the eyebrow should be about the size of your pinky nail..unless you have a large pinky of course.

    But the thickness should be proportional. I would let your brows grow out a little too thick..then shape them yourself with tweezers. It will be a bit painful..but you can figure out the shape you like, then when you go back to get them waxed, you know what you like.

    Note: When tweezing, make sure you pluck a few, stand back and look, then pluck what you think should be gone. If you never step back and look, you will overpluck.
    pencil thin is too thin, but htick is too thick. i've noticed girls that maintain their eyebrows normally maintain other parts very well.
    I've had this happen to me a couple of times %26amp; thought my brows were too thin. However, in both instances, my brows were kind of scraggly at the ends and I had lost the arch. Both times my brows grew in nicely.

    Both times happened after I put off having my brows professionally shaped for too long. I usually go in every 3- 4 months %26amp; can manage to maintain the shape decently before the ends of my brows get weird but just didn't have time to go to the salon.

    Just be patient %26amp; let them grow in 4-8 weeks before you go in again. I've included some articles below so you can get some ideas of what you want. It also helps to bring in pictures from magazines %26amp; ask for the aesthetician's input.

    You can just pluck the stray hairs underneath the brow bone but avoid trying to shape an arch or tweezing hairs above the brow bone.

    Here's the best comprehensive online article about brow grooming w/ diagrams: http://cosmeticscop.com/learn/makeup.asp…

    These articles show how to choose brow shapes for each face shape:



    In case you want to grow your brows out faster, Rogaine can help. Here's an article w/ details: http://www.oprah.com/health/beauty/healt…
    Take the thickness of your little finger tip.That is the right thickness for your eye brow at its widest point.Mark an outline on this guide and use eyebrow pencil to highlight the desired shape.You can use KOHL or lamp black fromGood quality oil as the basic material to fill the outline.The shape will be restored soon.
    eyebrow pen
    If it's too thin then let it grow out untill you feel the need to go back then tell them not to cut it so thin. If it's begining to be to much of a problem then tell the manager.
    buy some eyebrow stencils and ';try on'; different sizes / shapes using an eye pencil. You can find them at beauty supply stores. That will give you an idea of what you want next time. :)

    Good Luck!

    How do you shape your eyebrows?

    Ive tried but i still cant seem to get a nice shape. Any tips? How skinny are they supposed to be and where should the arch start and stop? One more thing.... what am i supposed to do with the hairs closest to my nose??

    Thanks!How do you shape your eyebrows?
    The best advice I ever got about that was go get them done professionally, at least the first time. They could start out wider and then make them thinner to your liking, it'll be quicker and easier and then all you'll have to do is maintain them. Eyebrow waxing is painful at first, but you get used to it. There's another thing called threading, where they pull the hair out with a piece of thread, it hurts less. It usually cost less than 10 bucks (depending on where you live)How do you shape your eyebrows?
    There should be kits at beauty supply stores you can get...You just choose what look you want, then pluck anything out of the designated lines
    You pluck the stray hairs under the brow line !!! You never pluck the eyebrow on the top or you mess up the natural shape your eyebrows are suppose to have !!!! If the hairs closest to your nose don't go all the way across to the other brow leave it alone !!!!
    Go to a professional. That is what I do. It makes life just a bit simpler.
    go and let the professional take care,you cant do it yourself its not easy if you are not carefull you might pinch your skin which hurt bad

    Why do people get their eyebrows shaped?

    I've been told I have 'perfect' eyebrows ... though they are thick. Should I get them done? I've never touched them my whole life ... but I feel like a change ... hmmmWhy do people get their eyebrows shaped?
    people get their eyebrows tweezed to remove extra growth...extra hair sometimes makes the eyebrow shape look wierd... and also for some people eyebrows join at the bindi spot (below your forehead and above your nose) joined eyebrows dont look good... people get their eyebrows done basically to remove extra hair and to give the eyebrows a nice shape... the eyebrow shape of a woman is said to be attractive to men... personally... i have nice thick eyebrows and a number of people have told me that i have very nice eyebrows... but i get it done regularly to make sure that my eyebrows dont join at the bindi spot and also to remove extra growth... i dont touch the shape ... i just remove the extra hair... very little extra hair... hope it works for you too :) cheers :)Why do people get their eyebrows shaped?
    your eyebrows are the frame to your face. if you have a beautiful picutre in a dull frame the picture doesn't draw attention to that of a pledged frame. get the ';picture'; you can still leave your eyebrows thick however tweezing the strays makes all of the difference!

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    if they are perfect i wouldnt touch them cause once you do it will be a forever thing to do, but if you want to go ahead, i just had mine done on friday, on a dare at 12 years old i shaved them off-lol-:(
    eyebrows change your face completely..seriously.. if i were you i wouldnt touch your eyebrows once you start plucking them then you can never get them back to how they were! you're blessed girl! trust me leave them!
    if they r perfect and they suits u then dont get them done but i think therte shud be some change in life
    to enhance there look and have a fresh appearance of the eyes and face.Listen ,if your eyebrows are perfect don't shave them off or make them thin .Just go in and tell estatestion to just clean it up .That's all,good luck
    I if you don't have a problem with them why change them? I get my eyebrows done because they grow across my forehead at alarming speeds if I don't ha-ha... so unless you have a problem like that I'd leave them be... because you always have to do it if you start...
    You should just try it one time and you'll be so amazed how it looks. It's just like a face lift. I love it and I can't go without my eyebrows been done. Try it!!!! It was on Oprah show yesterday.

    Eyebrows: Trimming/shaping womens eyebrows?

    I have really sensative skin and can't wax, thus I tweeze. The inner area of my eyebrows come up as high as my arch. How can I trim this down to get a better shape?

    Any links, products or general advice is appreciate. Thanks!Eyebrows: Trimming/shaping womens eyebrows?
    You can buy eyebrow stensils or color in the parts of you eyebrows you want to keep and pluck the un-colored hair. Hope this helps!
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